"A Real Life Miracle" - 'so others may come to know'

"A Real Life Miracle" - 'so others may come to know'


Real Life Testimonies - Purpose of this site

Real Life Testimonies

Thank you for visiting this site today. 

The purpose in writing this is to reach out to as many as possible transcending all  barriers. I believe no matter what background, nationality or creed you come from,  reading about my compelling experience will make you think of aspects perhaps never thought of before.

My 'miraculous' story can be read under the tab "My Story".

Every day, all over the world, an increasing number of people, from all walks of life, are reporting near-death experiences NDE's  (and related phenomena). This website has been created to provide a deeper understanding of the experience itself. And no don’t worry you don’t have to be near death to have a better understanding of what many of us are oblivious to.

As you may have noticed, I have called the site Real Life Testimonies. The reason is because my hope is that others who have experienced 'miracles' in their own lives will TODAY give thought to also bear witness for what has been done in their lives. If you wish, I  will be happy to add your own testimony to this site. You can email me by clicking on the Questions/Comments tab.

How can we live more conscientiously? Be more cognizant of the impact our thoughts and actions have on ourselves and others?

Realize your unique purpose in life, and begin to fulfill it. Live every moment of our earthly lives infused with the same love, light, wisdom, oneness and healing power that transforms those who encounter it on the other side!

May this website provide practical insights into why we are here, in this world, and how we can make the best use of our God given  time and talents to make a positive difference.

Question for you - Do you believe in life after death or ‘near death experiences’ or whatever people choose to call these ‘real-life’ encounters / experiences?

I would stay away from using the commonly used term of ‘near death experience’ … WHY? Because in many cases the individual has literally ‘died’ by all accounts and returned! So it’s not ‘near death’ but rather ‘ past’ the point of death’!

 Let me add whether we believe or not is not what determines facts because facts are facts irrespective of our personal perceptions or misconceptions.

 Although my sole purpose is to share my story I felt it would be beneficial to write a little about the subject of these medically and scientifically ‘unexplainable’ experiences.

 Common Elements of these ‘Experiences’:

 Each "experience" is unique, but some common features.

• Intense emotions: commonly of profound peace, well-being, love; others marked by fear and horror.

• A perception of seeing one's body from above (called an out-of-body experience,  or OBE),      sometimes watching medical resuscitation efforts or moving instantaneously to other places.

• Rapid movement through darkness, often toward an indescribable light.

• A sense of being "somewhere else," in a landscape that may seem like a spiritual realm or world.

• Incredibly rapid, sharp thinking and observations.

• Encounter with deceased loved ones,  Sacred figures or unrecognized beings with whom communication is mind-to-mind. These figures may seem consoling, loving, or terrifying.

• A review or flashback of one’s life, reliving actions and feeling their emotional impact on others or what their actions have done to others.

 After you read my personal ‘real life experience’ I hope you will be elated and fear no more.

This site is NOT so much about me but rather the power and glory of God that occurs even today in ordinary lives around the world! This is a message of hope to all of you! So whether you have robust health or are very sick and given up on hope and faith, may you be rekindled knowing that all is possible with God.

Let me conclude by thanking, the Almighty God for His infinite patience for all these years it took me to finally share this. 

The 'light on the other side
The 'light on the other side"
Neville Carvalho - February 9th 2016