"A Real Life Miracle" - 'so others may come to know'

"A Real Life Miracle" - 'so others may come to know'


Thank you for sharing your Comments!

Hi Neville,

Over the years, we have chatted and talked about that horrendous accident, but more so about the amazing MIRACLES and BLESSINGS that the Lord has bestowed over the years, and the stories never ceases to touch my heart, and help me grow in my own faith! 

Reading the testimonies now on the website has etched an even deeper meaning in my heart about God and His Mercy! Words cannot truly express the impression it has made on me! 

I thank and praise God for giving you the grace and courage to publish and open out your heart to the world, so to speak. I know how hard that was! But you have beaten and overcome any negativity for the glory of God.

The website though in its infancy, has a profound effect on all those whom I have shared the website with! 

May God continue to bless you, Cecilia, Aaron and all who will share their testimonies on the website, and also bless all those who will read it now and in future.

Thank you! 


Neville and Cecilia,

I just wanted to thank you for your courage in sharing your stories. They are beautifully written and I feel privileged to be able to read them. You both do a great service in honouring God's name and how He has touched your lives so incredibly.

May God continue to bless you and your family with His abundant grace.


Neville Carvalho - February 9th 2016