"A Real Life Miracle" - 'so others may come to know'

"A Real Life Miracle" - 'so others may come to know'


What happened after....

Questions / Comments

There are times I get asked questions like the ones below so I decided to add this page. If anyone out there has a question or comment please feel free to email me and i will try answer as best I can. You can email me by clicking the tab Questions/Comments

Q: Were you angry at God for what happened? 

A: My answer is a resounding NO! I am forever grateful! I have been humbled by such an experience!
You see in life when one undergoes a 'trial' you can either come out a better person or the worst person ever and that determines whether you are angry or pleased with God. How can I be angry when He granted me miracle upon miracle. The ONLY disappointment I have is that when I was taken to 'the light' I did not make the cut and was sent back.. ha ha.
How many people out there today are willing to pay a fortune to perhaps visit Mars :)) well I got to travel beyond ! :))
As you can probably tell ... it has increased my sense of humour too :))

Q: After the elevator accident investigation was completed and determined a technician was at 'fault', I was asked 'how or what do you feel towards the technician responsible for this accident"?

A: My heart goes out to him! I do not hold anything against him because anyone including myself could do the same mistake. I pray he does not feel responsible for what happened.

Q: Has the experience changed you?

A: Of course that would be an under statement! In fact I had been told I had changed since the 'experience'. You see I no longer care about people's opinions or their judgments. I have became free of 'norms' set by people. But above all I am aware of how thin a line there exits between 'here' and 'there'. One of the graces I have received is being totally UNABLE to feel or hold a 'grudge' within, against anyone.
I believe once you have gone to the 'other' side you can never be the same ever! As well, from my own experience I can say that sometimes one comes back with 'abilities' that defy human explanation or understanding! Some of you are aware what I am referring to! However, let me reiterate, these 'abilities' are God given for His purpose NOT to elevate oneself. So at the end of the day we are 'all the same' no one any higher or better than the other. 

The questions below happens to be among the first email questions I received upon publishing this site and they are rather thought provoking. I will try answer as best I can. Thank you for emailing your questions. 

Q: I didn't quite understand......
You said when you were in the 'tunnel' you felt as if only in spirit..... but you had not lost consciousness. The pain was excruciating.... but you were also not here.... as such. Can you help me understand it?

A: I see you have truly read with in-depth perception for asking such a question. So here it is ..
Yes in the 'tunnel' I became aware that I as a person was independant of my body. In other words my Spirit is who I really am not my body.
And yes I had NOT lost consciousness and that actually is what STANDS OUT and proves all scientific theories wrong! Think about it .. if i had lost consciousness I would have fallen to the building's foundation but I did not! Instead when I came back to our realm I was on top of the elevator car with hands gripping the cables cutting into my palms! So matter of fact, I was taken away without losing consciousness and brought back!
So the pain was felt only when in our realm. 
I hope I have managed to clarify a little better on what I experienced.

Q: What about when you were in a coma. Were you aware of anything? 

A: Well I can positively say that I disagree with those that refer to people in a coma as 'vegetative' state. While in a coma I could tell you some things I should not have been aware of if I was in a vegetative state! What I mean is just because your brain may not be doing what it is expected to be doing it certainly does not mean that you as a person is no more! In fact you are at a 'higher' level than someone with 100% brain function.

Q: During the three days in coma, were you aware? Did you 'know' that you were in a coma, or  were you fast asleep, so to speak?

A: No I was not aware I was in a coma because one is at a deeper 'realm' that is beyond 'our limited realm'. So in a coma our brain is 'non responsive', so to speak therefore, unlikely to perceive that or as you stated 'fast asleep'. So no those specific 3 days I would not say I was aware that I was in a coma! However, let me add there are varied states of being comatose. By this I mean certain faculties could intermittently function example: one may not have ability to physically move but have the capacity to hear but unable to indicate or convey that they can hear you and understand!

Q: You say that your heart reached out for the technician who faulted. May God bless him!Now, what about your office colleague, who was with you.You say that you 'suggested' to him that you use the stairs. What were your thoughts and feelings about it, yourself and your colleague that you didn't walk down the stairs?  In hindsight?

A: In hindsight? No regrets whatsoever, on my part! Needless to say my colleague felt very bad and even 'guilty' but I assured him we both could not predict the outcome! It greatly affected him emotionally and psychologically to the extent that he experienced frequent nightmares. However, one day while I was still in hospital he came by and said " I had a dream last night and in that dream I saw you were walking again". Well need I say more. Praise be to God!

Neville Carvalho - February 9th 2016