"A Real Life Miracle" - 'so others may come to know'

"A Real Life Miracle" - 'so others may come to know'


Personal Medjugorea Testimony

(June 2014 and September 2015).

This is about my personal experience of Medjugorje.  It does not in any way reflect upon the authenticity or not of the 'apparitions' and/or the 'visionaries'. It is essentially to share what I personally experienced during my 2 visits there.

How do you put in the words of the mind, what one experiences from within? 

I did not visit Medjugorea seeking or looking for any signs or inexplicable phenomena. I believe if He wishes for a purpose or reason you should witness it then He will draw you to it.

June 2014: The 'first' inexplicable occurrence is in the Confessional!

There are 25 confessionals on either side of the church and as many as 10 different languages at any given time. Many come to Medjugorje who haven’t been to Confession in 20, 30 and even 40 years. When speaking to priests who come to experience Medjugorje, it is the Confessional where many of them have come to believe in the apparitions. Even non-Catholics are encouraged to approach the Confessional in Medjugorje. Tell the priest up front that you are not Catholic, even as a non-Catholic, there are graces to be received from the experience.

It is common to hear pilgrims say that they have never experienced a more beautiful Confession than in Medjugorje. That being said I have to say my experience was rather on the lines of 'inexplicable' to say the least.

So there were 3 confessional lines for "English" speaking pilgrims. At random I join one of the lines and while waiting I am totally focused on how to go through the 'confessional routine' as I had not been to one for a little while. Next thing I know I am in the confessional room - a tiny dimly lit room. I shut the door and kneel before the priest saying 'Bless me Father for I have sinned' the usual Catholic routine. I then raise my eyes towards the priest and see he is very old and kind of hunched over and as I looked at his eyes somehow I immediately felt at ease. As I begin to say 'it has been a while since my last confession' before I can even begin to state anything more  he lays his hands lightly on my head and says "where have you come from" so I answered Canada. The priest then says " you are here not because you chose to be here today but rather because you have been brought here. You have lost dear ones in your family. Your Mum whom you miss very much has prayed to and asked Blessed Mother Mary to grant you the  grace you are in need of. She requested for you to be here. It is because of your Mum's prayers and request you are here. You do not need to say your sins - they are forgiven. As you leave pray before the Blessed Mother statue at the entrance and offer those prayers for the intention of the Holy Father. Go in peace". I was beyond stunned and  dazed because my Mum had passed on under very tragic circumstances in 2008 and I had never been able to come to terms about it nor accept for what had happened to her. I had also lost my Dad in 1990 and my brother in 2012 and here is this priest whom I have never seen in my life just tell me personal things like he knew me and all about all about me! Talk about 'inexplicable'! That was the first 'extraordinary' experience in Medjugorea. The actual experience cannot be put in words but I know what happened on that day in that confessional I will never ever forget.

So June 2014 we decided to undertake a Thanksgiving Pilgrimage to Medjugorea. I still recall the 'feel' that envelopes you  as you drive into Medjugorea.

June 28th 2015 - The Spinning Sun:

One of the most talked about signs in regard to the 'apparitions' of Medjugorje is the spinning sun.

June  28th 2015 we have been in Medjugorea since June 23rd. We were previously in Medjugorea in October 2014. Ever since our first visit in 2014 I have continued to observe everyday the time of 6:40 pm praying  a Hail Mary to commemorate the time Blessed Mother appears to the Visionaries in Medjugorea. 

We did not come to Medjugorea seeking or looking for any signs or unexplainable phenomena. I believe if He wishes for a purpose or reason you should witness it then He will draw you to it. 

Today at the Risen Christ Statue behind St.James Church at exactly 6:37 pm I dropped to kneel in prayer to thank Blessed Mother for the privilege and grace given to be here. At exactly 6:40 pm the time Blessed Mother appears to the Visionaries in Medjugorea I was drawn to look at the sun! The sun began to spin and then pulsate and move circularly around the sky while at the same time a ring around it. This I witnessed for almost 10 minutes with the sun dancing for lack of better description - "The Miracle of the Sun"! No discomfort was experienced even though we were looking directly at the sun. Praise and Glory to God! I write this so others may come to know and believe and perhaps visit Medjugorea if it is His will you be here. 

I will also add that I have personally experienced and "felt" other unexplainable events. Forever grateful for these graces and blessings! 

 I believe this miracle was shown so that faith is further fortified!

God Bless You All. 

Neville Carvalho - February 9th 2016